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ScavengeCraft is a relatively new and growing MineCraft server. It is our goal to create a player-based community in which everyone finds his piece of cake! Players begin their ScavengeCraft-journey in a Hubworld where they can choose which world they want to play in. We offer 4 worlds at moment: the Factions-World, Creative-World, the PvP-World and the occasional Event-World!

Here are some key features in this server, in case you still don't know what to expect:

  • Friendly moderators and admins willing to help everyone who needs it.
  • Factions the way it's meant to be: simplistic and yet very fun to play!
  • 24/7 up-time, no need to wait for the server to come online and we assure you that there are no crashes!
  • Free rank, obtainable with a simple application.
  • Nice and growing community, we gain new players everyday and the server is more alive than ever!

  • To join in on this young server, join us with the
  • Interested in knowing more? Join us at the forums at
  • Teamspeak Channel:
  • PMC server page:

We hope to see you on the server sometime :)
Exigoespro, DeimosMoon & GoudvisBE

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