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KMC + skyblock =


This Server is Brand New and has Good Updates and i Mean Really Good Updates. Our Server Will Be Skyblock. We Have Been Updating it alot Due to Lack of Players. If you Would Like to Vote, Report, Or More please go to This Website Now: , Also If you Would want to Buy Cool Perks From our Server please go to this Website now: , If you Are Having Trouble With AnyThing on The server or on our Website's please Gmail us Here: , . we Suggest Gmailing us Here: .

Why You Should join Our Server: Our Server Has The Best Skyblock Plugin you can Possibly have Today, The Simple and Great Plugin which is known as Askyblock is actually Better Than any other Skyblock Plugins (of course that is my opinion) . We have Two Owners: Co-Owner = Luigi12341 Owner= Krypt_MystCraft. Please Do Not ask for Staff When you First Login to Our Server At Least Wait one or Two weeks before you can Apply. We Want To Help Our players to grow and Behave with eachother. We Do not want haters or rule bypasser's Please Do /rules Ingame And We Guarentee You'll Have a Great Time on our Skyblock Server!

Make Sure to vote to get money!


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