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HeroMine Is Back, and here to stay! HeroMine is a ever so popular server,whichrevolves around having a small player base.

Don't you like small server? Everyone is nice? I Do. Okay, I am not going to lie! I use to be scared of small servers. Log in: No one to talk to. HeroMine has been know for having a huge community! You will find, our server will fill up fast!

OH BEEZY! Didn't get that joke? Don't worry, It's an inside joke with the community, We are LOLing, You would have to join to get it.

Q: When you first join, what do you see?
A: Spawn. Our spawn is 100% community made! Non of this flashy castle stuff, or big bridges, our spawn is 100% legit, like our server.

At HeroMine, not even GM's can spawn items. (so don't ask)
Here at HeroMine, we take ANY abuse seriously, doesn't matter if your a GM or donator. We also take GM abuse seriously! We make sure our GMs don't impact your experience in HeroMine! HeroMine does not have abusive moderators. Our moderators don't go running around all like "Lalalalala." NO! Our moderators are respectful men, men with big pipes, and are too manly to say lalala. All jokes aside, our moderators are trained and follow 2 rules:

  1. find proof.
  2. make sure it is against the rules.

But that doesn't mean they always will. Moderator abuse is everywhere, and on the rise. Here, take a look at this pi chart. Here on HeroMine, we have a huge whip on all our moderators backs, any GM abuse will gain them a demotion faster than they can say, well, anything.
Players can be sure that they will enjoy there time on HeroMine, and if not, then me and the co-owner will try our best to please you.

HeroMine is a gay friendly server, and will take all players with open arms. (or legs) (call me)
Don't you hate when players say stuff like: "That's Gay". Look no further, we have a solution! /ban HeroMine has a 0 homophobia policy! ANY hate towards gay players is an Instant-Ban with no chance to be un-banned.

Waiting for a GM to protect your house is a thing in the past. HeroMine has user protection, ya... thats all i need to say...

OH WAAAA I'M A 5 YEAR OLD, I OWN A SERVER I CAN'T PAY FOR! Also the server owner isn't a 5 year old child in his mom's basement. Hes a man! He goes to a club and FUCKS SHIT UP! Here at HeroMine, Donations are like a pat on the back, a high five, a free hand job. This server does not rely on donations to stay online, I have a job, my wallet opens, if I don't get any donators, I will personally pay for it. You be like: "I like your server, here is $10." and I be all like: "thanks, I'll be putting that back toward the HeroMinecommunity!"We treat donation with care, Donators get more commands then they will ever need, or use. Plus there perks never stop growing, Donators can expect more perks to come later, and all this only cost $10!

Players are also backed up with no lag, plug-ins that don't ruin game play, and we are always open for more plug-in ideas. Anyways I am Adam, Owner, and founder of HeroMine, And I hope to see you in game!

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