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EminentCraft is a 24/7 cracked Minecraft server which has many fun plugins and lots of players to make friends with. The spawn of EminentCraft is very basic but it provides enough information to get you started on the server. There are many warp signs at the spawn area which allow you to teleport to certain areas such as Hades, Zeus or kotl, I will explain more on these areas later on. If you get stuck at any time on EminentCraft one of our friendly staff will happily help you out. Our staff are very friendly and host many cool server games which allows players to win in-game money and in-game items. Our rules can be accessed by typing /rules in-game. We advise every new player to read the rules and become familiar with them.

Here at EminetCraft we provide players with very fun plugins to enhance your Minecraft experience! One of our main plugins is Towny. Towny allows players to create towns and invite other players into your town. Here are some of the things majors of town can do : set taxes, set plots for players, set a town home were other town members can teleport to. The plugin allows players to build large community’s to help each other build/expand the town. There are many commands used in towny but all the commands can be accessed by typing /t help. Earning money on some servers is very hard. On EminentCraft you can earn money by doing jobs. EminentCraft has a plugin called Jobs, which allows players to complete jobs of their choice to earn themselves money. The Jobs plugin is very easy to use and a list of commands can be found by typing /jobs. Ever wanted to face infinite waves of mobs? On EminentCraft you can! The server has a plugin called mob arena. Mob arena allows players to fight endless waves of mobs. The game is over when all players left in the Mob arena are dead. You can play with other players in the Mob arena or you can just play solo, the choice is yours. Ever wave you complete in Mob arena you will earn a reward which will be added to you inventory when you leave the game. A list of commands for Mob arena can be found by typing /ma help.Selling/buying items on EminentCraft is easy. One way you can do it is by using the broker. The broker allows players to buy or sell items with commands. Players can buy items buy typing /broker buy. The broker is a safe way of selling/buying items from other players. The Broker runs on server commands which can be accessed anywhere on the server. You do not have to travel or teleport to anyone to receive your items. It is a very easy way of trading, I hope you like the Broker plugin. A list of commands for the broker can be found by typing /broker. Want someone to kill a certain player? You can on EminentCraft! Players can set bounties on other players. Only donators can set bounties. Other players can see if there are any available bounties. Players can earn money of bounties, however this depends on what the bounty creator has set to be the prize for killing a certain player. The bounty plugin is a very fun plugin.

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