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DirtHuts Server Network


Dirt Huts is a Whitelisted Server network running Resonant Rise (currently version), Infinity Hardmode, Beyond Reality, and Daybreaker.

We use Grief Prevention Plus to secure your areas, we are adults and play as adults, no crying, no begging.

Our website has Dynmaps for all of our servers. Chunkloading is allowed with personal anchors. Donators have fair privileges, everyone has the same 8 sethomes, no restricted items to donators, no /fly and so forth. Teamspeak3 is also provided for those who use it.

One Whitelist app gives you the access to all our four servers: horizons daybreaker, infinity (hardmode), beyond reality, and Resonant Rise

You're welcome to give it a try, or just pop in our irc channel to see "what's cookin`" --- esper irc #dirthuts :)

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