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Simplicity PVP is a server about being the way minecraft was intended, using little to no plugins. It has very little rules as stated below, and has a great community. Yes, the spawn is a wasteland, but that is because it is a pseudo vanilla server that has been up for over a year with no admin interaction, this server is not for those who want free stuff, and a very easy minecraft experience, meaning no teleports, /home's, or protections. It is normal minecraft.


Griefing/Killing/Stealing is Allowed

No cheats/hacking/spam. This includes flymod, x-ray, nodus, mannual spam, and any other modification (including textures and other things) that give you an unfair advantage in the game. Zero tolerance policy, no warnings, second chances or excuses. Ignorance is not an excuse.

Asking admins for free stuff/day/night/teleport is punishable by being called a noob.


The server is "Pseudo Vanilla" meaning it is almost completely vanilla, with a few modifications that don't really majorly change the game.
Including occasional events where players are teleported to compete for prizes if opted to.

Also we have a pvp world that is 100x100 blocks, which enables players to teleport there and back to the regular world through /pvp (therefore ensuring players pvp interaction)

There is no world boundary, and the only commands are /msg and /kill.

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