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<h1>A New Way to play Factions!</h1>
Factions has been around a long time on servers and overall has been one of the most popular types of game play. Now it is time for a change. Out with the old and in with a new way of playing!


So what is new?

<h1>MINIONS!</h1> -- Entirely new way of grinding! Purchase MINION to do you work for you! The will Farm, they will kill mobs, they will trade, and more! Your new most precious commodity.

Custom OBSIDIAN! -- 8 new Custom Obsidian! Each has it's own blast resistance level. Defends both un-watered bases and watered bases.

Custom TNT! -- 9 new Custom TNT each with it's own damage levels and purposes!

ALL NEW ECONOMY! -- Completely Trader and Minion Based economy. Some items can be bought. Others have to be traded!

Other NEW Gameplay Components:

• 100% Custom maps, Spawn, PVP Worlds, Nether, and Overworld!
• Enhanced Mining and other skills that have to be unlocked.
• New Spawner Ranking! Custom Spawners that have unique drops.
• Head based trade and unlocking system.
• And so much more!

Come help us test and launch DimenionsPVP! MC.DIMENSIONSPVP.NET

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