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Eclipse Factions


Why join Eclipse Factions?
Well first of all you should join this server because it could be a great server you may enjoy. Although it could be the opposite and it may not be your type of server but, why not join and test it? Who knows you might enjoy the server! To get to the point though. At Eclipse Factions we have a variety of enjoyable plugins which most people seem to enjoy a lot. Some of these are McMMO, Factions, Player-heads, Silk Spawners and maybe Mob Catcher (Not definite yet). These are some of the plugins we have at the moment but don't forget you could add more to that list with your suggestions! Which is why we encourage players to share their ideas with us and help us bring a great community to the server.

About The Owner:
The owners IGN is: Lv100_Diglet. He's a great owner and is very friendly with players and Staff. He isn't the usual type of owner who favorites other players such as donators as an example. He'll help out anyone at anytime unless he's extremely busy with configering plugins or updating. As I've been helping Lv100_Diglet out with the server with building the spawn and much more I've found that he really is a nice Owner and that he accepts any ideas whilst playing along with other members in survival. He will interact with all of you who join and play on this server as much as he can and will try and be the best Owner he can for you while doing so. (Typed by Fozzer12345)

What type of players are we looking for?
At Eclipse Factions we're looking for players who enjoy playing on a Raiding/PvP server and can take getting raiding without any fuss such as complaining to the Staff. We're looking for mature players but we don't mind if children do play just act older than what you are. We hope to see players who are very friendly and will get on with the rest of the community with posting threads on the forums and playing with each other on the server.

Will we be upgrading our server in the future?
Yes, we will be upgrading but that's only if we see an enhancement in the server which is new players recently joining. We will be looking for donations in the future to upgraded the server. All the money will go to the server and wont be kept for making profits. We support the community here at Eclipse Factions and want to bring the best server to players out there!

Quick Plugin list:
Factions, McMMO, Player-heads, Silk Spawner, and much more to come in the near future!

Thank you for taking the time to read this if you have any questions or suggestions just comment below or on our forums at! If you enjoyed it feel free to give me a diamond and maybe a favorite! - Lv100_Diglet

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