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PokeMasters has Pixelmon and Minigames!


So We Worked Really Hard To Improve Our Server Here Is A List Of New Features We Have Implemented!

|Pixelmon|: On our server every single pixelmon is set to spawn, this includes Fossils, 3rd form evolutions, et cetera.... Everything

|Free Building In Pixelmon World|: We Deleted Resource World. Now You Can Now Build And Destroy In Pixelmon World, and with our Towny plugin you can now grow and expand your town to become one of the biggest cities on the server!

|Towny|:Now You Can Claim Your Own Land And Create Your Own City's!

|Elite Four And Gyms|: Now Battle The Gyms And Earn A Spot In The Elite Four Or Crush Them All and Become Champion Of PokeMasters! Gym Leaders Are Custom Npcs That Drop Badges If You Win. Gym Leaders And Trainers Can Be Fought Once A Day, Which Makes For Easy EXP And Hms!

|MiniGames|: We have finally finished all of our current minigames on the server! As of right now we have spleef, bow spleef, and the very popular Survival Games that has 5 different maps!

|Referral System|: Now Invite Your Friends And Get Mega Rewards! /Help Referral For More Info

|Staff|: We Have A Mature Helpful Respectful Staff Team, And We Are Still Hiring! Apply And Be Dedicated To Server And You Could Be The Next!

|New Ranks And Shop Items In Donation Shop|: Donate And Support The Server! We have a recently updated shop with the lowest prices of any pixelmon server! (100% Of Profits Go To Improving Server)

|Shops|: We currently just have a shop to sell Pixelmon items, because we are still looking for a plugin that fits our needs and iscompatable with the server. If you know any fantastic shop plugins that you think could be used on our server please tell me, the owner catfairy, or an admin!

|Anti Lag|: No Lagging Server Or High Ping We Have Some Of The Best Anti Lag Plugins and Server Ram Out There!

|Hosting|: We are currenly hosted by GGServers which means that there is almost no lag on the server, and when there is it is almost unnoticible.

|24/7| Server Only Down If Fixing/Updating

|Great Growing Community|: We Care And Respect Everyone With Equality, and we are always looking for some great people to make youtube videos or help out the server in any way be advertising. Special Youtube ranks will be given to those who can make quality videos on a daily to nearly every day basis.

|Plugins|: Plugins Added And Updated Asap to Assure The Best Pixelmon Experience! We currently have some very popular plugins such as PermissionsEX, Essentials, Towny, Ultimate Survival Games, Spleef, Bow Spleef, and oh so much more!

We Care About Our Members, Post Your Opinions And Dislikes OnOur Forums Or PM Me, The Owner Catfairy, Or Our Amazing Head Admin TheLOLmanolo

-PokeMasters Staff

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