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Hi Guys i have spent the last few weeks designing and refining a dream minecraft server, heres what its all about:

Its SMP YOU as a player a survivor are thrown into the world , with only very basics of equipment and a Warp Token, you can use this Warp Token to teleport to a friend but , you only get 1!! (Warp Tokens was designed to encourage cooperative play in a SMP environment)
Right so you and your trusty buddy are now adventuring the world you find a nice flat area close to an abundance of resources that you think would make a lovely place to build a home. 2 Days later you have a humble house food , medium tier equipment and a nice mine going you start to realize there isn't an awful lot you need and you decide to go adventuring to see what else this world has to offer, suddenly you catch the glimpse of another survivor , but you and your buddy were the only people in this world! so what do you do? kill him and take all his gear , maybe he as a house nearby you can loot that too! or do you talk to him? ask if he would like to join and help you guys? the choice is yours , its your story, you play how YOU want to play.

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