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  • CelestiaLight -

The Server Management Team had setted up everything in the server . We promised to give a fun and Pvp-Free and Grief-Free Server for you ! We used GriefPrevention on this server . It's designated to prevent PvP and even Griefs from your own claimed Areas ! You can use a GOLD Shovel to claim your own areas . Minimum is 10x10 , With 100 Free Claim Blocks Provided to you .

Your Starting Money Would be $2,500. It is to let you have sufficient cash to purchase ingame materials , blocks , tools , etc ! To purchase more blocks for claiming your areas , you can use the command /buyclaimblocks which is $2 per block . If you required any assistance on the server , feel free to contact any of our staffs and we will get back to you ASAP . If not you could also submit a thread on our forum and our Forum Manager will get back to you soon !

Please note that we would not be finding any staffs . So , there will be no point to ask for Staffs on our server . We find Staffs only looking at their performance , attitude , etc . Please do not ask for staffs from any of the operators or it will result in a mute , temp ban or even BAN for it's not tolerated . Same goes to asking for free items . We don't give out free items to be fair to everyone in the server .

Do register on our website for the latest news or threads ! Stay tuned ! :)

Yours Sincerely ,

yournightmare123 - Founder Of CelestiaLight , Head Of Server Management / Administrative Team .

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