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Towny Kingdoms



In Beta

TownyKingdoms is currently in beta, and we're looking for people to test out the server. If you would like to learn more about our server, please check out our website at We hope to see you there!


Join a town to get started quickly. Towns provide a place to build community with fellow players. Towns will protect your builds/belongings from grief. Work with other town members to create an awesome town, and join up with other towns in a nation that rivals all others.

Server Events and Contests

Our dedicated Staff run daily events and games for our players to enjoy. Check out or event world for a wide range of custom events that include PVP, parkour, mazes, and building tournaments just to name a few. Participate in contests on the forums or in-game to win in-game money, rare loot, or even free rank-ups and perks!

Let’s Fight!

Conquer your opponents in one of our custom-built PVP arenas, or ram the wilds searching for players to slaughter. If PVP isn’t for you, check out the dungeons where you can battle standard Minecraft mobs or TownyKingdoms custom mobs. Join with other players to defeat the bosses of the Mob Arena, and win loot while increasing your mcmmo skill.


Join one of our 8 server ranks and unlock commands and perks beyond your wildest imagination. Support our server by voting and earn points to rank-up, or purchase one of our premium ranks. All of our ranks come with a special hall where you can see all the cool commands your rank has as well as a loot chest only rank members can access.

Friendly Staff

Our staff team started out as players, just like you. With many years of Minecraft experience, this friendly bunch will be able to help with any of your questions regarding the server, server site, or Minecraft in general.

Ready to get started? Join us at Also, join our website for your first rank FREE!

Social Media

TWITTER: Coming soon!

If you're looking for a server that has rpg elements but doesn't require a full role playing environment, this is the server for you. The people are friendly and the staff are reasonable.
Posted 12th Sep 2016