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Toge Isles Pixelmon Server


About Us:

       Welcome, I want to make sure that you get to know as much as you

can about us before joining so you will know if we seem to be a good fit for
you! Anyways, we are a Pixelmon Adventure server that uses the mods
Custom Npc's and of course Pixelmon. The server was inspired by the Johto
region and the Orange Islands. So come on, let me tell you more about what
our server has to offer.


     Like several other servers, our server has a gym system. This system

allows us to have a Elite Four at the end for everybody to enjoy. But, we
wanted to make it seem like we were pretty much a new region itself so we
changed up the ordering of the gyms and made our own lineup. Our gym
line goes Water, Flying, Grass, Ice, Rock, Electric, Poison and lastly Fire.Now
each gym has between 5 and 6 pokemon that you will have to beat to get
the badge. Some gyms also give out TM's like our Water gym gives out the
rain dance tm.

Safari Zone:

       Coming soon to the server is our very own Safari Zone. It will work

almost similar to the safari zones that you are all used to in the pokemon
games. This build is currently though being worked on and we are willing to
take anyone's suggestions for it.

Staff :
Owner: Arbr, LukeRage
Admins: PokeLucas, Special_S, Ninjabro31, Samax2000, lRaichu
Moderators: Acebaxter, jake_armer, Dezzarus
Builders: slider685, Saphire_Gem, IxDot
Quest Developers: Zaelkath


Custom Npc's (Note we use a modified version that has the skins we use and music):

Server IP:

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