This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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There is a few things we require you to have to join....EXPLOSIONS,DERPYNESS AND FUN! NO WHITE LIST!

Lots of stuff to do Pvp,Plotworld,Creative,Nether Survival,Paintball!,Spleef,Mob arena,Hunger games And more

Nether survival: You are fully able to survive in the nether.There is a respawning mine as well as a treefarm.


Civilian To get civilian join the server

  • Default rank
  • No perks

Warrior Play for a While

-Can repair armor

Warlord Play for a week (soon you will gain this rank by voting)

-Can enchant with commands!
-warrior perks

King Play for a month

-Warlord perks
-Can fly!
-Can heal

Mod Be a good player

-king perks
-Mob disguise

Admin Must help other players as mod

-Mod perks

Do not beg for ranks i find this pathetic and while probably demote/ban you You can ask how much longer until you get a rank But not constantly

Thanks to Creeperboy767 for building spawn,statue in the spawn,and Westerntown. Huffmanfamily for building oceancity,Sonicraftizmeh For helping with the spawn,Ianmonne17 for Building staffmansion,Nighmarestriker for helping with the spawn,MasonWneisner for helping with spawn and plugins,DylonOboss for helping with pvp and spawn, Omnipotentgamer for building Lilyswampcity,Dragonwarrior for helping with pvp.

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