This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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AvegnCraft [Mcmmo][Raid][No lag][Pvp enable] {Moba


This is a PvP survival server. People will kill you, rob you, stalk you, and if it was possible, rape you. You need to understand that we will not tolerate whining and complaining from anyone. If you have a LEGITIMATE issue please report it using the petition system. Keep your crying out of public chats. This includes a very large number of possibilities which cover a very broad spectrum of things. To simplify this, if it's not intended - don't do it. There is NO argument to be had here and if staffs says it falls under this category there is no debating it. This mainly covers plugin bugs that come and go throughout the updates such as glitching your way through regions, killing in no-pvp zones. If it's questionable in your head, chances are it's exploiting in ours. This goes without saying. You are not permitted to use mods and client side hacks that give you a large advantage over other players. This includes speedhacking, flying, xray in any form, nuking, alias, and more. If you are found to be using one of these on Raid Nation you will be BANNED and likely never be unbanned. Do not risk it if you enjoy playing here

                    1.7.4 WORLD!!!!!!


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