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Fortibus: Among the Gods!! 1.6.2


Fortibus: Among the Gods! is a very simple survival server that was created with the sole purpose of having a little Roman themed fun. Each player can follow a god by praying at an altar in any of the PvP-disabled cities around the world, or they can venture off into the PvP-enabled wilderness and start their own city! Bare in mind that griefing is allowed in the wilderness no matter how much it's frowned upon. We like to keep the area around our homes looking pretty!

To protect each players claims, the server uses GriefPrevention, a nifty little plugin that keeps unwanted visitors from killing your animals and stealing your food. The longer you play on the server the more land you'll be able to claim.

Recently a nice feature was added to Fortibus, allowing ALL players to have a chance to conquer The End! If you'd like, you can contact JacobShade on the site and ask him when the next Ender Dragon fight is scheduled for!

Fortibus also has mcMMO, the skills plugin. Not only does this act as an awesome way for players to interact with the world around them, it's also how you earn money! Every 20 minutes you will receive revenue based on your mcMMO Power Level! If you don't think you're making enough money, go out into the world and level up some skills!

To delve a bit more into the importance of Gods; each God has its own priest and set of commandments that the believers must follow. Sometimes war breaks out, and sometimes peace time is prominent. It all depends on the priest and the God. The cities are important as well, as they are the only safe place for players to dwell outside of their homes, and they have shops that sell items depending on the export of that city. Would you rather build your home next to Rome, or create your house faaaar from the laws of civilization. The beauty is that it's up to you!

Laws: (NOTE: in-game you will have access to a much more detailed description of these rules.)

  1. Do not annoy other players or Staff.
  2. Do not abuse plugin bugs or glitches.
  3. Griefing is allowed outside of cities, so remember to claim your home with GriefPrevention.
  4. Use common sense.
  5. Have fun!!

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