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This is Terova---

Terova is all about conquering and exploring! With the new map including hills and trees everywhere, helps you run around and survive in any place in the map!
The map replicates that of Europe, some of the Middle East, and a big chunk of Africa, you can view the entire map on the website:
Donate with /donate, or view the server laws with /laws <e|c> (e = Emperors | c = Civiilians > Emperors and Civilians have their own help/law sets, so they can follow the laws directed toward their own rank and view help menus for their own rank specifically. View help with /help <e|c>)
This server uses a variety of custom commands, which will be listed below
The "Create Empire" option may not be open all the time! This allows players to join as Civilians to help an empire grow!

The Commands---

Since this server needs custom commands to operate well, here are a few of the basic ones... (you can view them all with /help <e|c> like listed above)

/fire <player> - Fires a player from their job position (Emperors)

/quit - Quits job position (Civilians)

/ranks - To list all the ranks you can assign a Civilian (Emperors)

/pay - To pay a player a certain amount of money

You can assign Civilians as guards, construction workers, judges, police, etc. with their own jobs

Emperors must supply money for their Civilians though!

Conquering Empires---

So, to be able to conquer Empires, you must:

Destroy the city you wish to capture (just for a singular city)

Destroy the capital city of the empire you wish to capture (for the entire empire)

This also simulates free war, as in you can fight wars the way you wish to fight them

Guards can do /equip to equip their army gear for war

We hope you enjoy Terova! We'll see you on!

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