This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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info about PowerGaming:

We have a great server, with ANTI- GRIEF.If you want a nice dedicated server, with lots of space, and a nice resource-rich map, this is the place for you!

We have really nice staff, and a nice team. We are currently looking for a few mods and admins

The Owner is: Power3o

The Co-Owner Is: Gameking1218

Our staff team have high activity. This server doesn't tolerate abusive staff, So you don't need to worry about a staff member banning you, when you first log in!

We are a friendly server, and we are dedicated to survival.

Rules of Powergamin:

Powergamin doesn't have too many rules but we do have rules!

  1. Be Respectful.

    We dont want some potty mouths coming on to our server and disrespecting anyone.

  2. Be Ethical.

    Must this be explained?

  3. Use Common Sense.

    If you get killed trying to take on 3 people and 5 skeletons and you die, thats not using common sense. If you die dont blame anyone but yourself

Implied Rules:

No Mods or hacks

No mods or hacks are allowed on powergamin.
Using mods or hacks, will result in a ban, or jail!

Don't be a jerk, or act stupid for no reason:

We don't promote it when you act stupid, or act like you don't know something, WHEN YOU DO!

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