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Welcome to Matecraft!

We have many amazing features that include Creative, Survival, Hardcore, Factions PVP, and a new addition, a Prison server!

The Creative server has three worlds! If you're wanting to test out some building styles or build statues or other pieces of art, the PlotMe world is perfect for you! The plots have considerable dimensions, but there're always those builds that are to immense to be confined there, for those of you that build those, the freebuild world is the place to be! Our oldest world, by far, is our donator world. It's been open for nearly a year and you can never tire of looking around here.

Survival has plugins like Runecraft, MCMMO, economy and many more! We don't allow griefing or raiding in Survival and appreciate it if people help out! We have multiple ranks that you can earn through hard work and commitment. There is no griefing or raiding in this world and our staff can help you to claim and protect your builds.

Hardcore... This world is near impossible. Not many have managed to survive more than a few nights. It's the place to fight a dragon... or die trying. It is a challenge that one must rise to. Good luck too you if you decide to come check it out!

Factions PVP is the perfect place for you and your friends to build together and fight. It's your chance to practice your fighting skills and build bases.

In the Prison server you can earn money by mining and fighting. Earn your way to freedom!

Another great quality of this server are the MiniGames! We have a HungerGames map that is used occasionally. Our staff also hosts events multiple times every week that include the Minotaurs Maze, Protect Spawn, TNT Run, Bomberman, and many many more.

Matecraft has an amazing community. Our server would not be the same without the people that play on it and their support. We have many Donators and Trusted members. Donators have special perks that range from being able to fly, to using limited WorldEdit in the Creative worlds and their custom worlds.

We're an ever-improving server with many amazing players and staff. There's limited cursing throughout the server and a “no raging” policy that is enforced. Come check it out!

Join us at

Survival, MCMMO, Runecraft, Creative, Free Build, Hardcore, PVP, Factions, Donator Ranks, No Whitelist

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