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What is PanemCraft?
PanemCraft is a 24/7 Minecraft server designed to replicate the Hunger Games trilogy down to the last detail! Based on custom plugins, this server is guaranteed to pique your interest!
What’s the user experience like?
When you first join, you are given a district and teleported to that district spawn. From there you are free to wander around and buy (/plot buy) or sell (/plot sell) 16x16 plots which you can build on and start your cozy little home! What also makes PanemCraft unique is its simplicity. On the server, you only need to remember approximately 7 commands, 1 of which can be viewed with a user control panel!
What are the Hunger games like?
Every 16 minutes, 4-24 players are selected from the 12 districts. These tributes will then be teleported to the arena. From the arena, there will be a 30 second countdown to the game. When the game starts, chests will automatically be stocked around the maps. Also, there are several custom maps from which one will be randomly chosen and loaded! Every few minutes, there are also custom traps, ranging from lightning to fire. After 14 minutes, the map’s radius becomes 50 blocks to speed up the game! After the game there is a 30 second cooldown until the next game.
What do I get for donating?
If you donate, you get in-game money, passes that can be used for various things, a cool rank, access to the VIP lobby, and much more! Also, if you donate more than $15, you get access to the 5 bonus slots reserved only for VIPs! For full perks, talk to CopyableCougar4 in-game!
What commands do I need to know?
On PanemCraft, you need to know the following commands:
• /ucp – open the User Control Panel
• /shop - open the shop where you can buy items
• /work – open the menu to select work areas to mine, take down trees, or farm crops
• /plot - buy or sell the plot you are standing on
• /board – toggle the statistics board on the side of your screen
• /help – lists most user commands you need to know
• /lobby – go to the player lobby
Sounds like fun, how do I join?
PanemCraft can be accessed with the ip of
Help! The IP you gave doesn’t work!
Do not fear. You can also connect with the ip of:
What else can I do besides Hunger Games and building?
You can also earn badges (coming soon) or play the Hunting mini-game (coming very soon). If that isn’t to your liking, you can also spend your time in the work yards in 20 minute intervals!
‘I think I could build better than that’!
See a building somewhere and think ‘I could do better’? If so, then please apply by emailing! We could always use new builders! If you are accepted, you will be given the IP of the build server, and given a 120x120 region to strut your stuff!
‘That logo sucks!’
Are you a talented graphic artist looking to put your art out there? Email with a better graphic and if it is accepted it will be put on the top of the website!
Server Specs
Just in case you are interested, the main server has the following specs:
• 85 slots
• 24/7

The build server also has the following specs:
• 20 slots (may change)
• 24/7

Have any more questions?
Go on the server and ask CopyableCougar4! If he isn’t on, then post them on the forum!

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