This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Mine Australia


Mine Australia is a survival server that is designed to be back to basics. What is this, you may ask It is a way for players to enjoy the vanilla Minecraft experience which survival multiplayer servers were meant to be. This means we have no gigantic spawn areas or plugins which may limit or force you to do things you wouldnt normally do.

We have 23 plugins that are specifically designed to cooperate with each other which creates a seamless experience for players; many of which include Essentials, PermissionsEx, CoreProtect, etc. Every single plugin chosen and used is hand-picked so that rather than interfering with the vanilla experience, it enhances it so a community can interact in useful yet simple ways such as buying and selling items by creating your own shops.

The advanced economy on this servers allows for a range of different actions and drives the player to earn more money. We have carefully calculated shop prices to introduce fairness and realism to a player orientated economy. If you wish, you and other players may individually create or even collaborate and create your own shops. Strategic use of this system might make players rich, or bankrupt within days. A few other plugins have been introduced such as casino slots so players can have a fun time with the money that they have earned or maybe even gain an addiction.

The lore in this server is heavily base on NPCs. By using them, we have created a non-essential yet interesting back story to the world, the town and the NPCs lives.

By coming on to the server, you are expected to have read the rules in this pages notes and automatically accept them. You will accept all consequences no matter the excuse.

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