This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Knight Industries


Hello and welcome to the Knight Industries Server. Come on down and enjoy the many different activities we have available for you today! Like playing minigames? Play ours in our Arcade! We are the only server to host Duck Hunt, based on a game played by SkyDoesMinecraft. Like playing survival instead? Then come play in our Survival world! Enjoy Theme Parks? Then visit the one and only Theme Park Galaxy! Dedicated to all different kinds of theme park recreations and custom theme parks! Help the server today and become a donator! With the donator package, you get pets, colors in chat, xp banking, Diamond colored donator prefix, 10 extra hearts, one time purchase lasts forever!. And all these permissions work in all the worlds. With the V.I.P. package, you get: all of the donator perks, Gold colored prefix, 20 extra hearts, /back, /afk, compass, depth, /delhome, multiple homes, smoke bombs, and spark trails. Help support us today!. The money donated is used to give you better server service and more perks as well! Join today!. Also join our website at to enjoy more community friendship, events and keep stats of your time on the server and on your purchases! See ya there!

Note: If you would like to apply for a staffing position, please apply on our website. Do not ask on the server as you will not have your question answered.

Server resorce pack:
-asfjerome mobs
Recommended Arcade Resource Pack:

-No Griefing! (Results in a Perma-ban)
-No spamming! (results in a kick then a perma-ban)
-No bad language (Results in a kick and then a week long ban)
-No stealing! (Stealing however is allowed in Medieval World but only from hidden treasure rooms.)
-No harassing of the cast members! (Results in a kick and then a weekly ban.)
Come on down and enjoy the fun today!

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