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Chillers United Survival Server

Chillers United Survival Server


Chillers United is a brand new Minecraft survival server. The Server officially opened recently so the entire map is very fresh! Come be a part of a really fun and chill group of players that enjoy survival minecraft. The server has very few rules to give it a more vanilla feel. This server has plugins that slightly improve quality of life such as /tpa. We wanted to make this server as vanilla survival as possible while keeping it interesting. We have a discord and we are almost always using voice chat if your the type of person that enjoys playing with people. The server is very new so feel free to recommend any plugins or other things you would like to see in the server!


OG Minecraft survival!

Player driven economy

Brand new server (fresh unexplored map!!)

Quality of life plugins

Custom Player portals (2 diamond blocks needed for a portal frame then a named clock to activate the portals)

Grief Rollback!

A relaxed community

Come and be apart of something new and make Chillers United your home for your survival needs!

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