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[SkyForge] SkyGrid + SkyBlock = More To Come!


Hello! Welcome to what shall become a great community of players. We have a variety of plugins to suit your needs here at SkyForge. Join us and check out our amazing SkyGrid server! Also, say hello to our amazing staff! Like the server a bunch? Donate with our custom donation ranks! Visit the website for more information. All ranks are now 50% off!

Why are we so special?
We have a jump in and play system, where all commands are in a simple, easy to use. This means you don't have to learn new commands! We also have some extra custom commands for special events and donators.
We also offer a wide variation of gameplay, with more servers coming soon, and staff here to help you enjoy your time the most!

Our player ranks:
New (Players up to 5 hours)
Survivor (Players with 5+ hours)
Squire (Players with 24+ hours)
Knight (Players with 60+ hours)
Templar (Players with 1+ week)

Donator Ranks:
Visit the website for info!

Our main plugins:
LogBlock - For rollbacks and logging
WorldGuard - To prevent greifing
Multiverse - To allow for easy management of multiple worlds
Essentials - Lots of useful commands!
ShopKeeper - An advanced but simple player market with a GUI
LWC - To lock your doors, chests & more!
Ultimate SkyGrid/SkyBlock - For an advanced SkyGrid/SkyBlock experience!


Additional Details
We are a growing Minecraft server network, which offer only SkyGrid/SkyBlock at the moment but with survival, freebuild, PvP / Raid, DireWolf20 and more soon to come! We have friendly staff and a powerful dedicated server! Join today!

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