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Here at alesto it is our goal to be a unique community offering changes that are wanted by you, the players. We don’t want to be known as the guys that have abusive staff and don’t care about the people so what we have done is set up a website and installed an extremely useful plugin that prevents our staff members abusing. We have an active report system and any problems caused by our staff members will be dealt with. Also on our forum you can request different plugin additions and also apply to become a staff member (positions open!)

Before we go any further because I understand not everyone likes reading, I shall give you the forum link, teamspeak address and server address:

Game Server:

We have plenty of features such as donations for cool ingame perks and we also have factions and mob arena, whilst you’re not trying to take down your enemies, relax a little whilst murdering mobs!

We also have plenty of other features like a solid economy and an admin shop at spawn. Soon we will be implanting the ability to create your own shop; this server has something for everyone! I hope to see you on!

£1000 to everyone who signs up on the website! Drop party at 10 people

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