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Alcamine Unlimited


Alcamine Unlimited? Alcamine Unlimited is a prison type server that is based in the 1940's off
of the prision Alcatraz.
Your sentenced to a life time in jail from crimes unknown. You then are transported to
Alcamine island to begin your lifetime in jail.
The Objective of the server is to try and find secrets in Alcamine and earn your
freedom. Like every other prison server you have a mine, tree farm,a cafeteria, a shop, and cells.
in the shop you can sell materials for money.
Money is used to rent cells and to rank­up and to open secrets to Alcamine island itself.
Alcamine has many secrets to it such as the five prisoners that tried to escape but were listed
as "missing and presumed drowned." You can pay your way through secret warps ands doors
leading to these secrets, once you find them you are awarded some money and some
Ranks are based on what you do on Alcatraz. Their is High security, Medium security,
and low security. Every time you rank­up you get a better Mine and perks. The perks are
randomly spawned into your inventory.

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