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This is a Star Wars based server, it's an MMO, RPG type server. We have custom plugins and have a custom resource pack with 3D models. In the server you’re going around talking to NPCs and completing quests for them so you can level up. When you level up, you can go to different planets and then find higher tier gear and loot. You will be able to receive most of your quests in the Rebel hideout. The Rebel hideout is a non-PVP area where players can talk and trade with others and start quests. There are stormtroopers around the planets (planets are the maps/worlds) in set locations. On some quests you might be sent to fight them to free the galaxy from their oppression. Some of the other things you’re able to do on the server include: bounty hunting, smuggling, flying around in flyable vehicles, side quests, and even spread fear throughout the galaxy as a Sith lord in the galactic Empire or help others and bring back balance to the Force. There are many other things you can do. This allows you as the player to pick your play style by the quests you choose to go on and what you decide to do with your character.

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