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Pixelmon version 3.3.8, Forge 1.7.10.



DestinyPixelmon is an adventure minecraft server where you can explore and find new pokemon within the map. There are 8 towns with corresponding gyms (Water, Normal, Flying, Electric, Steel, Grass, Ice, Psychic) that have been hand made to a casual yet appealing way by our wonderful staff members. We provide shiny starters at the very beginning of your pixelmon journey as well as items given after beating the gyms!

DestinyPixelmon offers a lot of in game activities and adventures to keep all players interested and entertained. Many easter eggs are hidden around the map for players to find such as mazes, parkour, fossils, and legendaries! Activities are included as well such as tournaments, gym challenges, shiny hunts, boss hunts, and lots more. There are yearly items found in the donation stores that are exclusive and can only be bought once in a single year and won't be the same after the following years (Example: The "Vinnie Valentine" donator pack found only in the month of February.)

Currently, 3 of the 8 towns are open and ready for you to battle! However, the towns are still being worked on and are under construction as well as bugs being ironed out. Due to this, we ask all players to be patient with the changes among our server.

Destiny has a fair economic system that allows you to buy and sell items in the spawn shops as well as the pokemarts found in each town. You can earn/gain money through selling pokemon and item drops to players or the server! It is an automated system which makes it easy and affordable.

We are currently running a 4GB server which will be upgraded in the near future thanks to our wonderful donators who help sponsor Destiny. Players are able to /sethome in one area to allow easy transport as well as access to /tpa so you can teleport to friends! Because of the large, custom map, there will be many ways for transport to be essential whether it be with warp signs or basic commands.

[Server Rules]
Caps - Caps lock is not permitted within the chats and the offender will suffer consequences of different variations depending on the severity of the use.

Spam - Spam is an automatic kick (Spam includes character spam) depending on severity as well. 3+ messages = kick.

Advertising - Advertising is an automatic IP BAN within the server as it is considered traitorous and will not be able to be appealed.

Racism - Racism is also an automatic IP BAN within the server depending on the severity (Ex: "F* you N**" will result in an IP ban.)

Disrespect - Disrespect to anybody is not tolerated on the server and will result on several consequences from warn to ban depending on the choice of words.

Hacking - Hacking (Cheating with advantages) as well as non-approved mods (PokeRadar) are an auto ban due to unfair game advantages.

@!#$% - Cursing has several consequences depending on the words spoken. Phrases such as "Go to hell" are not permitted while phrases like "My life is hell" are fine.

Sexism - Sexism is just as bad as racism! If you have an issue with females or males, you can leave the server to be the sexist pig you are.

Abusing - Abuse to people or pokemon (Ex: Rodding with fishing rods to inflict damage to a player/pokemon) will result in an auto kick. You can have up to 3 auto kicks before being temporarily banned.

Cheating - Abusing in game glitches such as block-glitching or effect-training will result in several consequences depending on the action occurring.

[Staff Positions]
Currently, every single staff position is filled but that doesn't mean you can't apply! We welcome everybody wanting to be a member. We accept mature 13/14 year olds but we highly prefer 15+ years of age due to maturity levels and low maintenance.

[Gym Leader Positions]
We have available positions in gym staff with some head leader positions available but mostly regular gym leaders such as normal, psychic, ice, and steel! We would love to new faces among the server but the same rules of gym leaders apply as staff meaning we accept mature 13/14 year olds but we highly prefer 15+ years of age due to maturity levels and low maintenance.

Pictures will be coming soon as the server progresses! Hope to see you there.

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