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Zombie Manic
2-3 people are needed to start a game. You can choose to be a zombie or human human have to survive the whole game or a amount of time to win. 1-2 humans will be zombies (even if you pick human) zombies have to try to get the humans and kill all of them so zombies win. Humans start with a wooden sword, bow (No Arrows Though), and wire cutters. Wire cutters are shears but their named wire cutters. They can cut down webs in one click if the web is not damaged. You can only brake iron doors, iron bars, wood, glass (Not Glass Panes), and webs. Iron doors and iron bars brake very slow and wood brakes fairly fast webs brake fast. There are loot chest all around the map only humans can open loot chests. Humans can vote if you vote you start with stone sword, 10 arrows, bow, grenade, and wire cutters. A grenade is a snowball except when you throw if it blows up and kills all zombies around. You will get more help on the server.

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