This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Rikerscraft Hub


Many Great plugins on our survival server come check it out invite your freinds

RikersCraft is a brand new Hub server, with lots to offer. Get a step up on the competition and join now.
We offer a fantastic MineCraft 1.7.2 prison atmosphere with lots of great plugins.
When you join the prison you will start as a newbie. After reading the rules you can rank up to a D-Prisoner for Free!
Ranking System:
D-Prisoner - A D-Prisoner is a prisoner that is at the bottom of the totem pole! it will cost $2,500 for a D-Prisoner to rank up.
C-Prisoner - C-Prisoner is where the real fun starts as a C-Prisoner you will be able to enter the "Portal zone" behind the shop on the 2nd floor of the cell block you're in from C Block up to A Block, Also This is the rank where you can start to mine more than just Stone, Coal, and Iron Ore.
B-Prisoner - A B-Prisoner Has the same rights as a C-Prisoner with a few extra perks. As a B-Prisoner you are able to enter the B-block and thru the B-Block you can enter the mob area from the portal zone. In the mob area you are able to Slay monsters at a controlled rate to obtain items to craft with or sell to the mob-area shop!
A-Prisoner - This is the Top of the Prison Ranks, As an A - Prisoner you will be respected by other players as they see you have worked your way up in the ranks. You will have MUCH better mining rates, and allot more privileges throughout the server!
Civilian - Once you are a Civilian you can access every block on the server , you are also permitted to come and go to the prison as you please. with free build outside. You can Pay to be a civilian, or find the escape route and finish the list of challenges as an escapee to become a civilian.

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