This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Do you like to watching videos of Mindcrack on YouTube or Twitch and you are tired of watching and not playing? If you do, this a server for you.

HardCore Community Survival have tried to make this server as close as they can to Mindcrack but with conditions that they did follow for your safety and enjoyment.You will be able to explore the map, find new places to go, make a town, join a town or just simple build sweet and cool structures.

This server is also survival so you can always give yourself a challenge and have fun with you and your friends on the server.

Currently this is a whitelisted server, So if you would like to be one of those people who have be whitelisted on the server, the request link is at the bottom of the page. Open this url "" and fill out the request form. It is very simple. You should see a reply whether you have been accepted or not on the server with in 1-3 days of the request. HardCore Community Survival is a white-listed server that is currently in design/creating progress. a, but release is just around the corner so don't wait -- request to join now.The server will be:
On 24/7.
80% vanilla with some plugins for your enjoyment and security.
Huge community full of survivalist, builders and fun people.
You'll meet people around the world.
TeamSpeak (later date)
Community full of creative, inventive and friendly people.
HC (Hard Core)
Brand new world that is untouched from the very start.

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