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Notch's Ark - Minecraft in Space



On Minecraft, you nearly always wake up inside a world and proceed to do a variety of different game play in that world. It could be creating new builds, exploring new caves, getting out of a prison, fighting or even just surviving. But what would you do if that world was destroyed? Could you find the power within yourself to survive out in space, where you’re walking space is limited and you have to rely on others to achieve your goal of simply surviving and flourishing? If you answered “Yes”, than play on our server!


Earth, having gone through many years of prosperity and peace, was hit by the Sun prematurely going SuperNova under very suspicious circumstances. Years prior to this event, Humanity had grown into a space-faring race with a number of colonies. Many of these were lost in the blast and only 2 were deemed outside of the reach of the SuperNova. All was not lost on that apocalyptic day however, as a number of ships managed to escape the blast to form a flotilla encapsulating the only remaining StarBase that the Minecraft Space Fleet had outside of the blast radius. This station was then renamed “Notch’s Ark” after the creator of HyperDrive, Markus "Notch" Persson.

Current Situation

Many years have passed and the Flotilla has grown along with the number of Humans. No longer is there a need for Child-Care as all children are grown up in maturation chambers. You are one of these children and you will embark on a journey to get your name etched into the History Books like the greats of the past.

Will you become the best in a particular field? Will you be unmatched in the Holographic Games? Will you captain a Starship? Or even become one of the next leading Admirals of the MSF? It is all down to you to decide !

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