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I built InfiniCraft with two things in mind: Simplicity and Fun. Right from the start, there's an easy path to follow out of spawn, and you learn all the rules and staff of the server just like that. The shops are adjacent to the spawn, and we have a warp set there if you're not close to it.

You'll never run out of things to do. For one, we offer a unique twist on survival: Timed ranks. The system allows for exponetional growth: Spend time on the server, rank up and earn a better kit, all while building your base and growing your faction. Which leads to my next topic: Factions. We've got a good sized player base, but not too big. We like to moderate factions and make sure everyone gets a fair chance when it comes to making factions. We also offer MobArena, with custom classes, waves, and rewards. These features, along with server contests, provide a very awesome experience.

We regulate griefing and raiding heavily, and new players are always our priority when it comes to sorting out problems with players. You are given 15 minutes of protection, and if you ask nicely, staff might teleport you to a random place in the world to let you get started.

InfiniCraft isn't just about playing Minecraft. We have an amazing community, respectful staff, and an overall fun architecture. Quite simply, it's one of the best servers out there. I hope you'll enjoy

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