This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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!!!Welcome To Outrageous PvP!!!

Welcome to Outrageous PvP! This is a faction sever, On this sever you will be emerged with a ton of the nicest players on Minecraft. This sever welcomes you to be yourself and make friends. The staff on this sever will never let you down, We are ready to make your time on this sever great and make it the best time you've ever had on Minecraft. To make sure you are always having fun we don't allow swearing, we don't respect anyone more than anyone else everyone is equal on this sever. We have many plug-in's on this sever to make it the funnest and most realistic economical sever out there. We have fair priced ores to make sure people can make money easily from mining. This sever loves PvP ( Outrageous PVP...), We strive to make this sever not a two sided sever even non-ranks can easily become a great PvPer. We make it so that everyone has a fair and fun game.

So you've decided to join the best sever in the world! You will need to know the basics to make your mark in this community. We have staff who take care of the maintenance of the sever, Everything they do is for the community they must be listened to and respected.

There are many commands that all do different things.

If you ever need help learning commands or with anything else make sure to ask staff, If no staff are online you can ask fellow players or /help.

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