This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Faction PvP Server! MANY awesome features!



***The port is not needed but will definitely help! If you don't use it and it says you need to be whitelisted, hit refresh! It's a different server. The port prevents this from happening and increases connection!

VertigoCraft is not a new server. But, it is not VertigoCraft like it used to be. The day has come of Vertigo 2.0 and that means, PvP and Factions! Like the server previously was, we don't leave it at the basics to be like any other server. We have multiple things added in to make the faction life much better than you've ever seen it!

What We Do Have----------------------------------------------------

  • Factions (So yes, pvp, griefing, and raiding is allowed)

  • Faction Chat (Ability to talk in public, faction only, allies, enemys, only the leaders chat with each other, send message to only specific factions, etc.)

  • Faction Mobs! (This is one of the best features. Using your faction power, you can spawn in Titans, Mages, Archers, and Swordsmen to guard and fight off enemy factions from your base. Even order them around to do what you want!)

  • Enhanced Weather! (There is now temperature and stamina to make the game more realistic than it used to be! Every day you will get the forecast and depending on it all, the game play is modified to seem as realistic as possible!)

  • Auctions! (Need some cash and want to sell some stuff? You can auction off items in the public chat to players to bid on!)

  • Bounties! (Someone really on your nerves? You can place an annonymous bounty on their head at a custmozable price and anybody can accept it. If someone who accepted it kills the person in 48 hours, they are given the reward.)

  • Multiple Player Ranks! (All achievable based on stats that are tracked 24/7)

  • Combat Log (To prevent those pesty players who like to log or warp out when they are losing a fight!)

  • Money for killing! (Any time you kill a hostlie mob or player you will recieve some money you can spend in a shop!)

  • Elevators!

  • Hidden Switches!

  • More stuff that falls under the amazing plugin called CraftBook!

  • Donor ranks coming soon!

What We DON'T Have-------------------------------------------------

  • Hackers, Cheaters, Spammers, etc.

  • Extreme disrespect. Competitive trash talk is ok, but no personal and uncalled for attacks (verbally) at players.

  • Hardcore feature (This is NOT die once and you're banned. Nor do we have lives here.)

  • Whitelist

  • Abusive Staff

  • A sucky set up that makes the game no fun and boring.

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