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Brief Overview of Our Idea

This server is still greatly in development, but it was deemed ready for posting. So feel free to join and assist us with our testing! The majority of plug-ins that are going to be installed are installed although we are still searching for those last stragglers to complete the essence of our server! We are really aiming for a mix between the struggle for survival that servers like MineZ and DayZCraft provide, and a totally different RPG aspect of Minecraft that some servers like A'Therys Ascended provide.

What We Have So Far:
So far we have around 35 plug-in's on a relatively good host, with relatively shitty internet speeds. Like the Message of the Day within the server says, this is alpha testing and we simply need players that are interested in our idea. We do need Moderators and Admins on our server to assist new player's when I myself and my other staff members can't be online. What we have right now is very simplistic and we intend to expand on this greatly. Right now there is only one class, the Guest and we have yet to sort out all of the permission nodes (Most are set up however). We plan to have a quest and leveling system similar to many RPG's game leveling system, perhaps with the base XP orbs that Minecraft provides or perhaps with our own system, maybe even diving into a bit of mcMMO! But outside of this questing, there is going to be PvP. This is an open world similar to many PvP/Survival worlds the only difference is the lack of player building.

We expect all players that join to act relatively mature and friendly, we also frown upon hackers as we have very strict rules against it. Hacking on our server will get you banned in the blink of an eye. Feel free to join if just to give us a chance, we won't disappoint.

To talk with other members and admins join our TeamSpeak at:
To get into direct contact with the server owner send an email to:

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