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Server Name: RayzCraftMC
Website: http://RayzCraftMC.Comxa.Com
Server Address/IP: RayzCraftMC.Dtdns.Net

What we have:
[Skyblock] [OpPvP] [KitPvP] [Factions] [Creative] [Economy] [Jobs]
Do /island create to Get a Skyblock island and /shop to Buy Items!
Our KitPvP Allows for special effects such as Flying,Poisons,Slowness,Blindness,High Jumps,Mario,etc,
And Our OpPvP Allows for Longer Periods of Intense PvP Allowing those with true skills to win.
[Splegg] [CTF] [PaintBall] [Mob Arena]
We have Custom Made CTF Kits which represent classes from TF2!
We also have PaintBall Maps :
Hell,A Fiery Cavern Filled with Obstacles
Lake,Test your Agility by Jumping from Lilipad to Lilipad while Shooting at the Opposing Team!
Cave,A Dark Maze with Limited Light sources to Guide you.
Jungle,A Jungle Filled with Many Many Obstacles with block you from Hitting the Opposing Team!

We currently have OVER 60 Plugins!
There are also cool perks such as TheThuum Shouts,MyPet and iDisguise!
TheThuum Allows Users to Send people Flying,
MyPet Lets you tame Any Mob to Fight for you
iDisguise Lets you disguise as Any Mob or Player!

19.99-20 TPS NO LAG [Spigot Server] [ClearLag Plugin]

Worried about griefers?

Have No Fear! There is no way that someone can greif you! Even if there is,they will be permanently BANNED.

Want to become a cop or even a mod??
You can submit an application on our website!

Our Rules:

  1. NO HACK CLIENTS or MODS, Optifine is Fine
  2. No Asking for Ranks or Items
  3. Do not Lag the server with Redstone
  4. Do not Annoy the Staff
  5. No Excessive Swearing. Max 5 Times a day
  6. Respect Everyone
  7. No PvP Logging in ANY Form
    If you are a High Rank, Abusing your Power is NOT ALLOWED.
    No Advertising Other Servers
    Have Fun!~

Server Hardware:
Intel Xeon E3-1240V3 / 4 Cores / 8 Threads / 3.84GHz / Overclocked 8 GB ECC DDR3 RAM / 1 GBPS / 1 TB HDD with SSD Cache

Download Our Server Texture Pack NOW! It's Amazing! (Must have mcpatcher or optifine)
Enable Connected Textures,Random Mobs,Better Grass,Custom Colours,Custom Sky,Fancy Trees
Set render distance to Normal.

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