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PwnCraft PvP

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PwnCraft isn't your average Minecraft server. Not only being 24/7, lag-free, we also offer more than just a place to kill, raid, and build. We offer much more.


Bukkit: With the Bukkit software, we can customize our server endlessly.

mcMMO Replacement: Train in skills such as mining, swords, archery, repair, and more, but in a mcMMO replacement plugin, called PwnRPG! It includes all that mcMMO does, but less overpowered!

Factions: Build a base, find some loyal friends, and defeat other factions!

Economy: Make money by killing mobs, and spend that money at the server shop, or player-made shops!

Quests: Conquer challenging quests to earn rewards beyond your imagination!
Custom Plugins: We can make our very own Bukkit plugins, to fit any need you have!

Creative World: You can build anything you want in this special world meant for survival players to build in with creative!

Mob Arena: Fight endless waves of mobs in many unique arenas built by us!


At PwnCraft, you can also donate for amazing items, ranks, and skills such as god armor, god swords, VIP, Ultimate VIP, McMMO skill upgrades, and much more! To learn more about donating, go here.

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