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HammerZ Apocalypse



HammerZ:The one place you can go to get all the zombie experience on one server!!

HammerZ offers what previous zombie-based servers lack; a fun pvp/pve experience with added structure to avoid the monotony of rejoining and dying with no sense of improvement.
We also avoid the use of extreme plugins so players will start off knowing all that they need; no strange physics or bleeding here.
Players have the option to explore the map in search of the ultimate truths, or rampage through zombies and others with the combination of guns,swords,bows,and grenades.
HammerZ is still expanding; as the players progress through the map for greater treasures and rewards, more regions will be expanded for the players to explore.

HammerZ includes:

  1. shops for players to have a source of income that can't be lost on death

  2. storages for extra items to be saved later

  3. npcs and background stories to guide and motivate the player interactive combination of resources and obstacles to keep the player thrilled, but not exhausted from an overly difficult setup

  1. safezones and towns to offer breaks and opportunities for players to gather themselves,rest, and collect items.

  2. A map filled with cities and sites which are constantly expanding for the player's constant desire to explore

  3. Donator kits to give the player an extra boost in fighting the undead hordes and competing survivors

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