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Aurora RPG

Aurora RPG


Aurora is an RPG focused Server with some general plugins, and possibilities for custom ones as we become more established based on user feedback. Our server is a mere 3 days old, so everything is fresh and unpillaged. We are in the process of creating events, bosses, treasures, dungeons, etc. Our hope is to create a world that is just as fun to explore as it is to build in.


What To Expect:

Reasons to Explore: This server has an economy and the land claiming system is the driving force behind it. As you face greater dangers, the rewards will become even greater. We are doing our best to implement content into the game, through hidden treasures, structures, dungeons, bosses, and more.

Dynamic World: As we continue to build out the world and add NPC villages, we will also be bringing with us events that follow the in-game storyline. This will open up new dungeons and content, as well as unique items. With Denizens, the power to change the way the world works in realtime is near endless.

Diverse Plugins: I go through and filter many plugins bringing in only the ones that best fit the theme of the server. I am a Developer myself by Profession, so once we hit a stable point I may end up developing our own custom plugins for any needs that arise.

A Reason To Craft: As content is produced, we have the ability to generate custom recipes to give those who prefer crafting and building over exploring a way to generate their own riches.

Friendly Community: While we want people to clash and create rivalries, we also want people to be decent to one another. We will do our best to handle abuse, greifing, and cheating.

Player Ruins: Our claim system removes claims once a player has been inactive for 14 days, leaving behind even more things to explore for the existing playerbase.

We are still growing, and we want you to grow with us. Come stop by and stay awhile. It's a long road ahead that's better traveled together.

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