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A brand new server created and configured by us
(Joruski and Pepsibumpkin),
We have tried to bring you something that is full of opportunities for everyone. With great staff that are readily available and a community full of friendly players, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better place to call your Minecraft home.

Featuring 5 different worlds to play in


Upon first joining Inspiration you will be in our main world Slumber where you must read all the rules before you are able to play. Once you've done this you can team up with friends and create your own town, level skills and gain fantastic abilities, battle mobs for gruesome trophies, prepare yourself for a hellish quest into Nightmare, or even test your luck and knowledge in the Maze of Wonder.


Here in the nether all bets are off. Griefing and PvP are fully allowed. There are no protections of any kind and aside from homing, there is no way out besides death. A dangerous place indeed.


You can't put a price on creativity. As such, all players have access to our creative world Dreamland. In Dreamland you can create just about anything you can think of. With flying and unlimited block placement the sky is the limit (literally).


Feel like a minigame or 2? In Gameland there are multiple mini-games to choose from including Capture the points, Spleef, and Wool races.


Get the ulimate trophy to display in your house or town, the infamous Enderdragon egg. And if that still isn't good enough, spawn that wither and get yourself a beacon too.

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