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We've played on all kinds of servers - some better than others. Servers varied from being welcoming and enjoyable to play on, to a terrible experience from joining to quitting 5 minutes later. So, we decided wed make our own server that incorporates what we enjoyed and stays away from the bad. Here are a few things we've done that we hope can convince you that we aren't just another server:
No Donator Perks: All too many servers reward donations with turning the donator into an overpowered beast: Free items, flying, creative mode, even admin permissions allow the type of people you don't want to become powerful over those who cant donate. We don't accept donations - to advance through the servers ranks, all you have to do is convince us that you deserve it.
Attentive Admins: We strive to provide an experience where problems can be remedied with the help of an admin. We also wish to remain approachable for help and online during as much time as possible. If you have any type of suggestion, please voice it, and if you can convince us that it would improve the server well do it!
Non-Intrusive Plugins: Not much is more frustrating than playing on a server without hacks and still being subject to their false positives. Don't try to cheat, and you wont have any issues with the methods we have to prevent cheating. And if you do for some reason, well look into it, just let us know.
No Free Items: This might scare away the weak of heart. We don't give out items in any way unless we deem that you've earned them. This also means that we don't restore your items if you die. Were sorry, but it ruins the legitimacy for other players.
A Special Custom Plugin: I wrote a private plugin just for this server that allows for a unique use of the money you get on the server. It allows a special way for players to express themselves and reward themselves for continuing to play. Check out the third floor down in the spawn to read all about it.

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