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?RuneCraft? Creative ? Plots ? Survival ? Skyblock


If you are searching for a Creative server then you've found it.
If you are searching for an SMP server ,you've also got it! Our server is using mutliworld plugin and many others!
We got economy, factions, economical fights and alot of dynamic things!
This server is hosted by, one of the best companies .
We are 24/7 no lagg with kind staff.

1.No hacking.That means no hack client or other stuff like that.
2.No racism.
3.No Prejudice.
4.All admins are obligated to take a picture or something to proove their bans.
5.Admins cannot give items to other people.
6.Admins cannot insult or intimidate other people.
7.Admins cannot abuse they're powers in any way.
8.No spamming, first warn and after that a 2 day ban from forums&servers.
9.No glitching, if you found any report it to the forums.
10.No advertising other servers.
11.Admins cannot rank ANYONE above member.
To Donate just go on this website:
Find our forums at

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