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You will enter this server without a rank and or guest. You need to push the button at spawn in-order to use the prison or any of the maps we offer. By pushing the button you agree to all the rules and you are aware they could change at any time.

First off, once you become Jailbait you can earn money using the prison to buy better ranks. Each rank will have perks inside of each world. People might complain the prices are too high. This is because you are free to leave the prison at any time you want. There is a hallway with a Giant H above it. This will bring you to the survival world spawn. This world will be loaded with new features.

Each Rank has perks within each map. Some of these perks might remain the same for several maps. An example of this is player own pets. You can use warps, more homes, fly, and much more. If you want to apply for staff or report an issue or even recommend a feature; you can use the Chest inside of the prison near the spawn.

There will be no warps inside of the prison. Example people might want to do /warp A. This won’t work because everything is walkable. But... There will be a rank where you can warp to each world, and more. There are benefits of having higher ranks.

Keep in mind The VIP, VIP+, VIP++ and Spec.ops is the best non staff rank. To check out some features do /buy in game.

Apply for guard, there will be more things added on but the title is currently working. Friend of Staff rank was removed do to fairness. This was a concern of some of the players feeling over-run with staff. We needed to find a balance between staff and players. This rank may come back down the line once we get a better player database

We need someone who can work on the website and someone who will take charge of the meeting and also create website themes and images. If you are interested contact augesrob at

I know this is long News article but it is a very important news topic. Thanks for reading,

[Host] augesrob

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