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Perplexed Minecraft Server

Perplexed Minecraft Server


PerplexedMC, founded in the early 2020's has just released. We have spent days and months working on plugins and quality. Now public.
Cheaters? No problem.
With CatByte, the latest AntiCheat (closed source) based on ThotPatrol, there is no way a cheater can fly for more than a second!

Friendly Community
With friendly staff and players, toxicity is not allowed! We mute all annoyances so you can enjoy your time more!

Small YouTubers
We have small youtubers with around 100 subscribers, time to get a screenie! Our YouTubers get exclusive perks!

Decent Map!
Worldedit... is not our builders strength. We mainly build it with hand and spend time on the buildings. Better map = Better fun!

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