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Caverse Factions


Custom Coded Features

-House Deed Claiming System: We offer custom built towns spread out across our world that offer rentable housing plots that offer unraidable protection for up to 6 chests depending on the plot size. In order to claim a plot you will first need to find the proper house deed type by exploring our world.
-Chaos Chests: Chaos Chests spawn randomly around the world and have a chance to drop house deeds, gold that’s exchanged for currency and other cool loot and rewards.
-Chest Key’s: Several mobs in our world have a chance to drop special key’s, these key’s are used to open special chests that are hidden around our world.
-When you kill a player, they explode into a ball of fireworks.

Other Features

-All players on our server are equal, we do not offer purchasable items or ranks that offer pay to win scenarios.
-Custom created 16,000 block radius world
-Factions: Create a faction and invite your friends, start wars with other factions, raid and plunder other faction’s territory and steal their items and form alliances to build an empire!
-McMMO: An RPG leveling system that allows you to level up many new skills and offers tons of new abilities for each skill.
-All players keep XP for enchanting even if you die, this helps to encourage more PVP by removing the penalty for getting killed.
-Many of our blocks automatically regenerate from creeper and TNT explosions after 30 minutes, this allows you to spend more time like for PVP than having to constantly rebuild and/or relocate your faction bases.
-Every player get’s an equal amount of sethomes, each player is allowed to create up to 3 sethomes total.
-Economy: Our server is geared towards an economy that creates a need for money rather than just offering way’s to earn it, you will actually need currency in our world to survive and thrive.
-Everyone has access to /back with a 5 minute cool down timer, this prevents players spamming /back after they die in PVP.
-All new players start with 1 hour PVP protection that allows you to get started with finding a location for your base, you can also pick up and use items during your PVP protection unlike other servers
-Anti-combat logging that turns a player into an NPC that can be killed and drops their loot if they logout after getting hit in combat.
-GUI Market System: Over 200 items in our admin shop to buy and many items to sell.
-Player Market: GUI player market for buying and listing your items for sell to other players.
-Anti-cheat systems to help keep players in line.

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