This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Qc-QC:ZS or QuantumCraft: Zombie Slayer is a points and leaderboard driven, custom hardcore zombie game, server.

The server is called Zombie Slayer and is a part of the Quantum Network. So it flies under the QC name.

The objective
To rank up, to have the most points, and to be the highest on the leaderboard!

General info
-You spawn randomly in the world.
-There is no block destruction.
-You only have 1 life! Your survival timer and your loot restarts with every death.
-You gain points (which raise you on the leaderboard and you can use to purchase a rank up to get better starting gear) by killing zombies, other players, and surviving (time).

-1 point zombie kill
-3 points super zombie kill
-5 points player kill
-5 points surviving 15 min
-10 points surviving 30 min
-25 points surviving 60 min

Every time you purchase a new rank (with your earned points) you spend those points (so they go away).
Exact ranks here

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