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AmicusCraft [SMP] [PvE] {1.7.9-10} {Active staff} {Community} {Mature} {Custom terrain} {Economy} {Guilds} {Graylist} {MCMMO} {Quests} {Towny}

IP address:

Game mode: Survival (hard)

Web site:

Staff: Amberstarr, Blitzje, Bright_Fury, LadyFrogmouth, TawnyFrogmouth, WPRI

Our rules are designed to maintain a friendly, respectful, and fun community (see our official rules page for a more detailed version):

Respect other players

Respect the environment of the main world

Do not grief

Do not build or use hostile mob farms

Do not use fully automated processes

Do not exploit glitches

Do not use unallowed client mods

Do not circumvent bans

You are responsible for your account

No advertising

Founded and first populated by a group of friends that stuck together when another server fell apart, AmicusCraft is a friendly, community-oriented PvE server that emphasizes building, adventure and collaboration. Our staff is evenhanded and mature; all ages are welcome, but players are required to behave maturely and respectfully toward others.

We currently run 1.7.9 (forward compatible with 1.7.10), and we'll upgrade according to the availability of Bukkit beta builds and updated versions of our key plugins.

Here are some screenshots.

Server features include:

(1) The terrain of the main world is entirely custom, and includes both variations of vanilla biomes and unusual custom biomes, some of them hidden from plain view. The world was built mostly with World Painter, and VoxelSniper, WorldEdit, and custom tree repositories were used to create numerous special terrain features. The server maintains a (periodically reset) resource world for resource collection to keep the main world pretty

(2) The server uses the popular Towny plugin for player creation and management of towns. In our configuration, Towns are expensive to create and expand but require no daily upkeep.

(3) The mcMMO plugin adds classic role-playing mechanics, including levelable skills, unlockable abilities that provide balanced gameplay bonuses, and a simple party system that offers mcMMO XP and item sharing and private party chat. (NB we have configured some mcMMO features to provide gameplay balance and better fit the playstyle of the server: In particular, all diamond-related bonuses have been disabled, namely, diamond ore double drops from mining, fishing diamond and diamond armor, tool, and weapon drops, and diamond excavation drops. The skills flux mining, salvage, and shake have also been disabled, as has party teleport.)

(4) A novel guild system lets players choose from eight combat and gathering specializations by visiting the corresponding NPC in the guild room. Each enhances an aspect of gameplay and encourages role-playing by granting access to exclusive kits and mcMMO ability bonuses for the corresponding mcMMO skill.

(5) The server's lore includes a rich first story arc, that begins with the arrival in the (seemingly abandoned) land of Amicus of the players as refugees from a faraway cataclysm. Their new world hides secrets, though, in more than one sense, and player actions will drive the lore, revealing some of the shrouded past of the world, and helping to determine its future. First among these is a system of portals---some of them have been already been linked, connecting faraway parts of the world, while the purpose of others still remain unknown.

(6) A quest system includes individual and group quests, all guided by interactive NPCs. The group quests are tightly integrated with the server lore, and through them the server community will work together to unlock new content, months of which is already planned. Players can use the QP (quest points) earned from both types of quests to join a guild and unlock content for themselves that will be revealed by an upcoming group quest.

(7) The server uses a unique but simple diamond-based commodity economy which combines the simplicity of vanilla bartering with the convenience and portability of a currency system. Simply put, the currency is diamonds themselves: diamonds can be deposited in a "bank" at spawn, sent to other players portably with /pay or spent a player-made chestshops, and withdrawn at any time from the same bank. The currency is pegged at 1 diamond = 100c. This system encourages players to earn money by doing things other players find useful, rather than awarding fiat money for an arbitrary activity, and so should encourage player engagement and discourage long-term inflation.

(8) Each vote for the server earns one vote ticket. Tickets can be spent on exclusive decorative and collectable items in the server's vote ticket shop, which encourages voting without distorting gameplay.

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