This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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BaneCraft Survival

 Hello! This is a plain survival server with plenty of plugins to make your stay fun, great players, and staff to make your experience more enjoyable, and a great number of things to do. Below, you will see our Rules, Staff, Open staff slots, and more! Also, remember that if you were to break any of the following rules and guidelines, it would result in a mute, kick, ban, tempban, jail, or another punishmental action: 

 BaneCraft Rules: 

Rule #1: Griefing and stealing are NOT allowed.
Rule #2: No spamming chat or commands.
Rule #3: Respect all fellow players and staff. This means, no disrespecting staff, no cursing excessively at other players, and no being rude.
Rule #4: No excessive cursing or use of caps. This means you may not USE ALL CAPS, or say mean, or offensive words to another player.
Rule #5: No 1x1 towers or holes. - This is not bannable, but you will get a warning, and we will eventually take action.
Rule #6: No advertising other ips or web addresses. - This means you cannot tell someone a youtube link, or give someone your servers ip.
Rule #7: You MUST ask before you PvP with another player. - This means if i wanted to pvp with another player, i will have to ask them if they would like to pvp, of course, if you do pvp, no one will lose their inventory in the normal world.
Rule #8: No game-changing mods or hacked clients. - You can use minimaps and graphic - changing mods such as shaders and optifine.
Rule #9: Please replant trees and refrain from pointless wilderness grief such as random holes, or mines dug in the middle of the wild.
Rule #10: Do NOT ask for ranks, gamemode, godmode, fly, permissions, or items.


Owner: Baneroson
Admin: MisfitNeko
Moderator: CrimsonFireWolf
ChatMod: Linmypants
Builder: Anime_Ryu1
Builder: ?THEvampireninja

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