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EnderRealm PvP


EnderRealm PVP is a server with a (currently) small community and me+staff want the server to grow to a full size player cap buster, on this server we have friendly staff, lots of cool plugins and faction, The server is a Raiding PvP, Griefing is aloud.

The server is running on 2GB RAM using bukkit dev 1.5.2

Player slots: 40

Essentials: this plugin makes the server run with 100+ commands, Also uses a Economy for players.
Factions: Create communitys/towns/strongholds to fight,live or defend with friends against enemys
Faction Mobs: spawn mobs to hlep you in your battles, Swordsman/Archer/Mage/Titan.
Mobarena: fight countless waves of Mobs to get top Rank on the leaderboards.
McMMO: fight, craft, tame, mine, repair..this plugin brings the server to life with skills in RPG gameplay.
NoCheatPlus: This stop all those cheaters to keep the server clean and safe.

If you like the server then feel free to leave it a diamond, By voting you get special goodies in-game like EXP bottles or Diamonds :D

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